Hand Sanitizer Pen Spray Ethyl Alcohol 62%

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We have a saying around here. “Germs are everywhere, and sinks aren’t.” Actually, we have another saying, “People like cool gizmos.” That’s why we added this neat-o item to our product list. Fits conveniently in a shirt pocket or jacket pocket utilizing a pen-top cap. It sprays a fine mist and smells wonderful. People will see it sticking out of your pocket and say, “What’s that?” Then you’ll tell them, and they’ll say, “Oh, cool. Where’d you get it?”  Then, You can tell them about us!!! 

  • Fine Mist Spray Hand Sanitizer
  • Convenient Pen-Like Design
  • Filled with 8ml of Liquid Sanitizer
  • Refreshing Melon Scent
  • Active Ingredient: Ethyl Alcohol 62%
  • Wet Hands Thoroughly, Allow to Dry